FIWARE IoT basic stack is an opensource software solution aiming to bring Data­level interoperability to the complex salad of standards and protocols in the world of IoT, OpenData, Data Analytics and other related systems today.

FIWARE IoT is able to expose ­by means of the Orion Context Broker component­ all IoT devices information and commands using the Data Context API (NGSI).

Orion Context Broker is available at: ContextBroker
Any IoT standard or proprietary protocol can be connected to FIWARE via the IoT­Agent components. Currently FIWARE IoT is providing IoT­Agents for:
  • Ultralight2.0/HTTP:­ul20
  • MQTT/TCP:­ul20
  • LWM2M/CoAP:­lwm2m­coap
  • SIGFox Cloud:­iotagent
Additionally, any new standard or proprietary protocol might be implemented using this node.js IoT­Agent library:
  •­node­lib or this C++ library:

How to join and proceed with auto­evaluation

In order to join the FIWARE IoT Ready program, please send us a mail request to: fiware­iot­

In order to auto­evaluate your hardware solution with FIWARE IoT Stack, please use the public instances available at FIWARE Catalogue:­device­management­idas/instances

Supported Protocols & Standards

FIWARE IoT stack implements the following well­known standards:
  • OMA NGSI9/10: as the northbound API exposed to developers to retrieve IoT (and non­IoT) information and trigger commands.
  • OMA LWM2M: as one of the southbound IoT Protocol options
  • MQTT: as one of the southbound IoT Protocol options
  • IETF CoAP: as the transport layer for OMA LWM2M IoT Agent.
  • IETF IPv6: Context Broker and UL2.0, MQTT and LWM2M IoT Agents are all IPv6 capable and there are native IPv6 instances in our v6­enabled FIWARE Lab cloud for testing (see link in section above).

Future Plans

FIWARE IoT Stack roadmap includes the provision of an automatic auto­evaluation platform, new lightweight components to deploy in IoT Gateways and new features and IoT supported protocols.

Stay tuned!