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Data/Context Management
fiware-cosmos 1.0.0, fiware-cygnus 1.3.0, fiware-sth-comet 1.1.1, fiware-sinfonier 1.0.0
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Cosmos and Sinfonier

Deploying a Cosmos or Sinfonier instance will make you a Big Data service provider. If this is not your aim, and you are a data scientist willing to get some insights on certain data; or you are a software engineer in charge of productizing an application based on a previous data scientist analysis, then please visit the User and Programmer Guide; and/or go directly to the FIWARE Lab Global Instances of Cosmos and/or Sinfonier, there you will find an already deployed infrastructure ready to be used through the different APIs.

If you don't rely on FIWARE Lab Global Instances of Cosmos and/or Sinfonier and you want to use Hadoop and/or Storm, do not install Cosmos nor Sinfonier; that will be as installing a complete Cloud just for creating a single virtual machine. Instead, simply install a private instance of Hadoop and/or Storm!

If after all you want to install a complete Big Data platform such as Cosmos and/or Sinfonir, please be aware you will need a large infrastructure by your own, since the current Cloud of FIWARE wont be able to support it (that's why there are no images not blueprint templates for Cosmos nor Sinfonier in FIWARE Lab).


You can create your own instance of Cygnus through any of these method:
  • STH Comet

    You can create your own instance of STH Comet through any of these method: