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School of Computer Science Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Campus de Montegancedo s/n 28660 Boadilla del Monte, Madrid (Spain)

Technical questions can be asked in StackOverflow using the fiware-wirecloud tag


What you get

Wirecloud builds on cutting-edge end-user development, RIA and semantic technologies to offer a next-generation end-user centred web application mashup platform aimed at leveraging the long tail of the Internet of Services.

Wirecloud builds on cutting-edge end-user (software) development, RIA and semantic technologies to offer a next-generation end-user centred web application mashup platform aimed at allowing end users without programming skills to easily create web applications and dashboards/cockpits (e.g. to visualize their data of interest or to control their domotized home or environment). Web application mashups integrate heterogeneous data, application logic, and UI components (widgets) sourced from the Web to create new coherent and value-adding composite applications. They are targeted at leveraging the "long tail" of the Web of Services (a.k.a. the Programmable Web) by exploiting rapid development, DIY, and shareability. They typically serve a specific situational (i.e. immediate, short-lived, customized) need, frequently with high potential for reuse. Is this "situational" character which precludes them to be offered as 'off-the-shelf' functionality by solution providers, and therefore creates the need for a tool like Wirecloud

Note: Wirecloud is at the core of the FIWARE infrastructure and is therefore intended to be installed by FIWARE platform providers when setting up a configuring a new instance of the FIWARE instance node. It is not intended to be deployed/configured by a developer. Developers are encouraged to use the global instance of Wirecloud provided in the FIWARE Lab. Nevertheless, we provide an installer for stand-alone instances of Wirecloud, along with recipes and blueprints to install it in the Cloud portal (using the PaaS Manager), and the corresponding installation guides.

Why to get it

Web application mashups can be manually developed using conventional web programming technologies (e.g. see But this fails to take full advantage of the approach. Mashup tools and platforms like Wirecloud aim at development paradigms that do not require programming skills and, hence, target end users, being them citizens, knowledge workers, portal designers, etc.

By using Wirecloud you have access to the following key features:

  • Innovate through experimentation by choosing the best suited widgets, operators and prefab mashup-lets for your devised mashup from a vast, ever-growing distributed catalogue
  • The wiring editor allows you to easily connect widgets in a mashup to create a full-fledged dashboard with RIA functionality
  • The piping editor allows you to easily connect widgets to back-end services or data sources through an extendable set of operators, including filters, aggregators, adapters, etc.
  • Share your newly created mashup with other colleagues and users. Comment it, tag it and rate it to foster discoverability and shareability
  • Help to build a strong community by commenting, tagging and rating others' widgets, operators and mashups. The platform will also do its best to complement your contribution

More information available at the Wirecloud website:

Open Specifications

Wirecloud is an open source, reference implementation of the FIWARE Application Mashup Generic Enabler. More specifically, WireCloud implements the following APIs and Open Specifications related to end-user centred Web Application Mashup.

Note: The Application Mashup Generic Enabler offers two separate APIs that cannot be combined because of their different nature: The Widget API is a JavaScript API, while the Application Mashup API is a RESTful one.