Available Commercial Devices


Adevice, which has its offices in the technology park of Seville (Spain), has undertaken relevant IoT projects with large companies. With innovation as part of our DNA, we design wireless connectivity systems adapted to the real world.
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Adevice FIWARE IoT Ready Products:


Libelium designs and manufactures wireless sensor network devices so that system integrators, engineering, and consultancy companies can deliver reliable Internet of Things (IoT), M2M and Smart Cities solutions with minimum time to market.
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Wild n Wise is an innovation company, specialized in M2M and IOT solutions design and development in Chile.
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Device Gateway SA

Device Gateway SA is an EPFL-based technological company specialized in large scale and heterogeneous Internet of Things integration, deployments, monitoring and maintenance.
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Device Gateway SA products:

Senso Wave

SensoWave is the trademark from MISC International, S.L. devoted to develop technological solutions in the ICT sector. SensoWave focuses its activity in the Internet of Things, Cloud computing and mobile apps fields. Main services and products are: Industry solutions, Training Systems and Farming.
Senso Wave products:

HOP Ubiquitous

HOP builds Human Oriented Products (HOP). HOP Cities are built on top of the pillars of Co-creation and Citizens Engagement. For this purpose, HOP Cities provide an integral solution based on Physical Web (beacons) to deploy Smart Points of Interests (Smart POIs). A wide set of sensors are integrated in the Smart POIs such as air quality, environmental monitoring, activity monitors, etc. Thereby, offering sensing capabilities together with a transparent and direct access to the City information via Smart Phones. The solution is remotely manageable using OMA LwM2M / FIWARE and connected via M2M and LPWAN.
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HOP Ubiquitous products:


Secmotic is an R&D company that creatively solves problems. We believe technology is a catalyst for change, and we act in accordance with our three values that give purpose to everything we do: Innovation, Development and IT security.
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SECMOTIC products:

Elmitel Engineering

With years of experience in planning, deployment and configuration of telco and computer networks, and development of expert software and embedded systems for different industries (especially in the agro-software space), we can provide complete, multi-platform IoT solutions. Our strong points are are: software engineering, communication networks, wireless sensor networks, agricultural software, FIWARE technologies.
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Elmitel Engineering products:


Company specialized in software development and consulting. Our main profile is planning and developing applications supporting business processes.
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Seaconeurope products:


INSYLO is a product of Ubikwa (www.ubikwa.com), a startup founded in 2013 with a mission to improve the efficiency of the Farming Sector by leveraging the Internet-of-Things (IoT). The founders have a rich background as entrepreneurs within the farming & animal feed sectors, are passionate about their work and their company and have a single-minded aim to drive Ubikwa to a leadership position in this important silo monitoring market niche.
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Ubikwa products:

Itude Mobile

Babbler is created in The Netherlands by Itude Mobile. Itude Mobile has a track record of innovative IT projects for supply chain organisations. In 2015 we started development of Babbler. Babbler is a small, re-usable, wireless monitoring device. It can be attached to the inside of a container or trailer door using a magnetic holder or adhesive strip. During a shipment, it logs the temperature and can be used as an electronic seal. The Babbler continuously broadcasts the current status of its electronic seal and other information, while the temperature log and all information about the seal during the shipment are stored internally.
Itude Mobile products:


e3tcity develops wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) devices designed to work with the Internet of Things (IoT). This allows it to offer services for the Smart City, a concept that has emerged as a means of enabling a more efficient management of resources as we head into our eminently urban future.
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e3tcity products:


TEAMDEV is a dynamic ICT SME founded in 2008, based in Italy, Albania and Denmark, with a strong focus on technological innovations, systems integration and interfacing to the characteristics of the user with products third parties.
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Teamdev products:

Digitalilusion S.L

Outbeacon is a Bluetooth Low Energy device which works as beacon. It's the key part of Outbarriers System. This device is autonomous and is powered by button cells. For this reason, it's very important for an efficient maintenance a simple monitoring process using FIWARE IoT technologies.
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Digitalilusion S.L products:

Econverter energía e innovación S.L

Econverter is a technological company focused in R&D and innovation in industrial, energetic and SmartCities solution. We cover from efficiency consulting services to software and hardware product design and development and manufacturing.
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Econverter energía e innovación S.L products:


TalkyCar develop and implement Smart Mobility based solutions, helping companies to improve their fleet management, reducing costs, fuel expenses, and time, improving the driving behaviour of employees and e reducing environmental impact.
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TalkyCar products:

TOPdigital Consulting S.L.

TOPdigital Consulting is a technological company experienced in consultant of technological innovation and business development, offers integral solutions for companies in the field of software development and IOT. In addition, it provides the customer with customized management processes and the implementation of innovative tools as a strategic axis in business models.
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TOPdigital Consulting S.L. products:

Wellness Telecom

Wellness Telecom is a company that specializes in New Technologies for Telecommunications, offering solutions to its customers by providing guidance throughout the project lifecycle, from design to maintenance and support.
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Wellness Telecom products:


Green Globe Sustainability and Environmental Projects is a company that uses innovation and technology to improve environmental management, increase sustainability and bring economic savings to its customers. The main objective of the company is to generate value by improving the sustainability of companies and administrations by combining business competitiveness and reduction of environmental impact, demonstrating with numbers that sustainability is profitable. Also generating wealth with new business models that promote blue economy. Moving good environmental practices and aware of the social, economic and environmental benefits of sustainability.
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GREEN GLOBE products: