Data Context Streams

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The Data Context Streams bundle is a set of Generic Enablers integrated and devoted to generate, distribute, store, analyze and use context information. Context information is generated in many situations from IoT Generic Enablers (data from sensors) and direct integrations and context publication through NGSI APIs. This context data can be consumed directly by applications, but there are several uses cases where it can be exploited with some FIWARE Generic Enablers. The following GEris are part of this bundle:
  • Orion Context Broker. It is the key element and mandatory GEri of this bundle. It allows to publish and consume context information through the NGSI APIs. Other GEs in the bundle will publish or consume context information from Orion Context Broker
  • Cygnus storage. Although it is not a generic enabler, Cygnus is a complementary piece of software for Orion Context Broker that can be used to store historical information from the Orion Context Broker both in Cosmos Big Data storage and Open Data portal
  • PROTON Complex Event Processing. This GE is able to receive Context information through NGSI subscriptions, detect complex situations based on preconfigured rules, and generate new context information to be published in the Context Broker or other types of output
  • Cosmos Big Data. This GE is the destination of the Context Broker data through Cygnus component. All the context historical information will be stored in the GE for later analysis through map & reduce applications or Hive based queries.
  • Kurento Streams Oriented GE. This GE is offered optionally as part of the bundle. There are scenarios where the result of analysis of media can generate context information to the Context Broker, as detecting objects in an area of an image (fences), or analyzing a given situation from the video (e.g.: people detection)
All these GEs are offerend in an integrated way so that they can be easily deployed and used by developers.