The FIWARE Catalogue contains a rich library of components (Generic Enablers) with reference implementations that allow developers to put into effect functionalities such as the connection to the Internet of Things or Big Data analysis, making programming much easier. All of them are public, royalty-free and open source!

By combining them, you can start developing your application right away. Just take a look at our guide and learn which enabler does what or get to know how they can be added to your already working application to add new functionalities. Our library will make your application smarter!

If you are not an experienced FIWARE developer, we suggest that prior navigating the FIWARE Catalogue using the links below you visit the Quick FIWARE guide for developers.


The FIWARE Catalogue includes links to other catalogues bringing information about domain-specific enablers (DSEs) to be combined with those serving general purposes (Generic Enablers - GE). They may be helpful for those who plan to develop applications in the domains of energy, creative media, smart manufacturing, health and wellbeing and the agrifood sector.

The perfect solution to make your app focus on a specific vertical.

Please note that Domain Specific Enablers (DSEs) are different from FIWARE Generic Enablers (GEs). Some of them have been developed as part of the Future Internet PPP large scale trials as domain specific extensions which are now available to you. Their development may not have followed the FIWARE Developers' guidelines, and subsequently no quality assurance and support can be given. There may also be different regimes regarding availability of source code under well-known open source licenses, level of support and sustainability in the long term.

Some DSEs may demonstrate they are not only applicable to the specific domain for which they were originally designed but to many other application domains. Those DSEs may eventually become a FIWARE GE by going through the incubation process defined within the FIWARE Open Source Community.

Note that support of DSE catalogues as well as DSEs is outside the control of FIWARE.